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New movie project with Gale

May 9, 2014

Gale has been cast in a new movie called “Mari | Celeste”.

Here’s what we know about it from the facebook page:

M A R I | C E L E S T E is a uniquely warped twist on the classical coming of age tale. A surreal, darkly comic film about two girls searching for a friendship mired in the past and escape from the shackles of the present on a road trip down the winding, desert highways of the deep south.

Mari has become inconsequential in her own life, disappearing into the decor of her boyfriend Jeremy’s house in the Hollywood Hills. Drowning in a sea of expectations and prescription medication, Mari finds herself pulled up for air by the last person she would have expected: Her estranged friend Celeste, who storms back into her life as though no time has passed. However, Mari soon finds herself longing for irrelevance again as Celeste drags her on a road trip that tests the limits of their friendship.

Directed by: Jessie Hill
Written by: Daniel Cohn and Jessie Hill
Script by: Daniel Cohn and Jessie Hill
Producers: Leah Briese and Jessie Hill
Co-produced by: Mishel Prada and Jason Bowers
Cast: Mishel Prada, Leah Briese, Elmo Lovano, and Gale Harold


Some pics can be found HERE.


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