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“Secret Circle” Expands with More Hot Guys. Plus, Why Gale Harold Loves Playing a Witch

November 15, 2011

by Jim Halterman

Charles’s possession of a coveted magical crystal is annoying his cohort Dawn (Natasha Henstridge). While in the beginning of the series Dawn was the one calling the shots in their mysterious plot, Charles is now taking it upon himself to yield a little power. Of their relationship, Harold said the twosome has “that sort of sexual attraction to stay alive but also to take power, like Bonnie and Clyde had. It’s like the feeding off of that…not only do they not trust each other but do they trust the potential of trusting each other, because now it’s becoming a card game.”


For Harold, who, besides being best known for playing Brian Kinney on the Showtime version of Queer As Folk, has also appeared on Desperate Housewives and last season’s short-lived CW series Hellcats, the role of Charles is one he is enjoying for less than obvious reasons. While it would be easy to assume it’s the supernatural side of Charles that has piqued Harold’s interest, it’s really something more grounded in reality “It’s not the witch that’s interesting. The interesting is the cover. What’s interesting is not being who you really are and trying to get away with it with the repercussions being primarily a prolonged sentence in a penitentiary…meanwhile I have to do so much work to cover that and be good at that.”

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