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Scoop on Gale Harold and which witch is which in “The Secret Circle”

September 23, 2011

by Matt Webb Mitovich

You want Gale Harold, I got Gale Harold! And I hit him with two burning questions I had coming out of the CW series’ premiere. No.1: What the heck happened 16 years ago in Chance Harbor? “Well, there’s the real version,” he started, “and then there’s Charles’ version, and then there’s Dawn’s version, and then there’s what the kids know or have heard.” In other words, the show will take its time to reveal The Incident (as I like to call it), and change up the context as it goes along. But rest assured, it was a cataclysmic event. “I have probably created some [version of the truth] to justify it to myself because it was bad, it was really bad,” Harold notes, “and it is human nature to make excuses.” Question No. 2: Why not just kill Adam’s chatty drunk of a dad? Did someone run out of kitchen matches…? For starters, Harold reckons, “I can go out of town and take somebody out, but if I do it next door, it might make things too complicated.” Plus, Harold likes having fellow Queer As Folk alum Adam Harrington around as a sparring partner. “The anger and the heartache and the jealousy that Ethan has wrapped up in all of this is going to put his son in a very difficult situation.”


Your Guide to which witch is which – and their secrets:

Charles Meade

(Played by Gale Harold, Queer as Folk

Diana’s father makes one of the best entrances in recent TV history when he slowly approaches the house Cassie’s mom is in and uses but a few matches to turn it into a raging inferno — effectively setting in motion a series of events that will bring new power to not just the Chance Harbor teens, but apparently Charles and Dawn as well. “Our circle is gone,” Harold notes. “So it will be interesting to see how they are planning on using their children to sort of reanimate all that.”

Harold’s fervent wish for Charles moving forward, after arriving in such epic style? “I’m hoping that he goes so dark that to cover his tracks he has to be even more charming. That would be the fun part, to do some really, really horrible things.”

And last but not least, on the topic of doing horrible things….


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